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Sara Naumann blog collage packs

Lovely collage bits...static-y plastic bags!

Here’s a glimpse of my day—

(And of my night last night…a late one!)

My living room is covered in collage packs in progress since I’m making up kits for the Vendor Night at Art & Soul in Portland. It’s not until October 1st so it might seem like I’m a bit early (and I probably am, knowing me…) but I’m really excited about these kits so I’m eager to put them together.

Also, I have to ship them to Oregon well before the event…so I guess I’m not that ultra-early.

It’s loads of fun putting these sets together, grouping them by foreign text, sheet music and pictures, making sure each pack has a variety of sizes and shades of “old paper” colors.

Sara Naumann blog collage packs

Sticky notes are a must for keeping track!

The downside is losing count (which happened several times last night) and trying to open static-y plastic bags when your hands are really dry from handling paper!

But in the end, I’ve got collage kits that I would want to buy—which was my goal. Now to figure out how I’m going to display them on my 8’ table, along with the vintage buttons and these cool playing cards I found in London.

The Art & Soul Vendor Night—now renamed “Vendor Extravaganza” (no pressure!) is open to the public. It’s been extended so it’s open from 12:00-9:00 instead of the usual evening-only hours. It’s free to registered attendees and $10 at the door for non-event attendees. Visit the Art & Soul website for more info.

PS. In between making up kits, I did a bit of journaling based on an email newsletter I get from Jamie Ridler Studios. I thought of it as a journaling assignment and am working on this one…click here to read her post on “Expressing Your Deepest Desires”. I’ve mentioned before that I really like her podcasts, and for some reason (kismet?) this article came into my in-box at pretty much a perfect moment.