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Sara Naumann blog Found Poetry class Art and Soul

It’s countdown time to Art & Soul Portland!

Oh my gosh…

This week I’ve been preparing for my Art & Soul classes, sequencing them and getting the class kits ready and handouts and pulling together all the other things that make a class nice, like little Dutch candies I’m going to hand out (Keith opened the bag, though, so now I have to get another one) and notebooks for students to jot down thoughts as we move through the class.

Sara Naumann blog Found Poetry class Art and Soul

Organizing the class kits for Found Poetry–lots and lots of words and text paper to play with!

Yesterday was kind of a bonus day—one with wild and woolly rain, thunder and lightning, and Anna slept really well for her naps, so I was able to get a lot done in terms of organizing my Found Poetry class. It’s always the same process: I start preparing for this class that I proposed last summer, and think, “Oh my God, I’ll never be able to pull this off, what was I thinking?!?!” and then feel absolutely sick about it and think of all kinds of ways it could be a complete catastrophe and end up wishing it was only an hour-long class.

Then I sort of sigh and figure I’d better plan the sequencing and I start getting into it and thinking “oh, yeah, I’ll have them do this too” and planning the kits and tucking in extra bits here and there and then it’s like “oh, would we have time to do this little technique too?” and I pull the supplies and so on…and pretty soon, I’m really looking forward to how much fun the class will be, and I wish it was a longer session.

Sara Naumann blog Found Poetry class Art and Soul

Sample boards for background techniques…I have to make sure the paint and glue will have time to dry before moving to the next step. Details, details!

Sara Naumann blog Found Poetry class Art and Soul

Notes, sticky notes, notes on slips of paper…all part of getting the sequencing down.

Yes, I do this for every class. I always have, actually—ever since I started teaching with Hot Off The Press, I’ve always had to get myself so prepared it was sort of ridiculous…and then I’m able to relax and have fun and really engage myself in the class.

(My doctor once suggested I lay off the caffeine, but I really don’t think that’s the issue. Anyway.)

I guess in the end it comes to this: I’ve taken classes at retreats. I know how much people pay to attend, between the workshop fees and the travel expenses and the meals and supplies and class kits and of course, the time they take to hang out with me or any instructor for a day-long class. It’s a big deal, and for some people it’s the only creative event they’ll go to all year. As my sister puts it, it’s “soul rejuvenation” time. I totally get that, and I don’t take it lightly, so I want to give people the best value possible for their time and money and effort. No pressure! 🙂

Anyway…classes are filling up, but there’s still space. Found Poetry is on Sept. 29, from 9:00-4:30) and Think Inside the Box is Sept. 29 from 6:30-9:30, a nice little evening session. I’ll show you more with my Lazertran class next week as I prepare for that too.

If you’d like to find out more, or sign up, visit Art & Soul’s website.