Sara Naumann Scrapbook Soup

This week I’m on Scrapbook Soup! This is the PBS television series on scrapbooking (plus, of course, other fun papercrafting techniques!) hosted by the fabulous Julie Fei-Fan Balzer.

What’s so cool is that the show airs on the Scrapbook Soup website—and this week, you can catch me showing my one of my favorite techniques, packing tape photo transfers. You can see one of the cards I demo above. I adore this technique because it’s super-simple and you can keep the rest of the design simple as I did here…or you can really add to it with all kinds of mixed-media techniques.

Hope you enjoy the show! Also on this week is the lovely Stacey Caron from Spellbinders, plus Julie shows some graphic-style cards and does more transferring with patterned paper. The show is just under 1/2 hour so there’s plenty of time to enjoy a cup while you watch!

Happy Monday!