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Sara Naumann blog Sunday Market Stall Amsterdam

A portion of my 6' of space at the Sunday Market at the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam.

Yesterday was the fabulous Sunday Market here in Amsterdam. I love this market. It’s huge and you can find everything from clothing (vintage, handmade, re-purposed) to jewelry and accessories and toys and ceramics and handmade soaps and candles and more. I mean, I’ve hardly had a chance to shop this market and I can tell you that I would be broke if given an afternoon on the loose here.

And luckily we got gorgeous weather…sunny, crisp, clear and cold, a perfect November day.

(Did I mention “cold”? I mean, cold.)

Yes, when you’re standing in the cold for six hours, it’s nice to get a reminder now and then of why you do what you do. Let me tell you:

In my stall I have some small, minimalist collages. One of my favorites has a heart made from sheet music, with cut text words that say “a merry heart”. I love that it’s so simple, with such a strong message.

I wish I could show you a picture of it, but it sold yesterday. Here’s the story:

Two women were looking at this collage. I think they were mother and daughter-in-law. Anyway, as they’re looking and chatting, the younger woman suddenly says to the older one, “I want to buy this picture for you, as a present.” And the look on the older woman’s face was so surprised and…joyful. I can’t explain it—you could tell she was really touched by the gesture.

As I wrapped it up, I thought: This is such a privilege. That I make things that someone gives to someone else, to tell that person they care.

Frankly, I think that’s amazing.

I am getting a bit mushy-eyed, just now. I better stop.

You know, when you’re in business alone, it’s easy to get tunnel-vision. You’re making stuff, teaching, planning, writing, connecting and trying to maximize your time and efforts. It’s no small task. And every now and then, you get lucky enough to experience something that takes you right down to the core of why you do what you do.

For me, it’s a reminder of how utterly privileged I am to be able to live in this life.

Have a wonderful week!