I’ve been art journaling.

Or, in the modern sense of it, Art Journaling.

Sara Naumann blog Art Journaling 1

Art journaling: I’m keeping it basic.

To be honest, I’ve had a hard time with the idea of Art Journaling since it’s become so dominant in the mixed-media world. It looked really interesting, and I love looking at other peoples’ journals…but the thought of doing something more, adding even more to my already-squeezed-tight day, seemed more stressful than relaxing or inspiring. I also had this idea in my head that an art journal had to be painted and layered and all Somerset Studio arty and the thought of that pressure also made me tired.

I do art. And I journal every day. But the two, for me, never met up in one book.

So I admired the art journals of others and didn’t do it myself. Until this month: In the midst of preparing an international move, adding more to my business and chasing after a very active toddler. Yes, at the last time I would normally think to take on something new.

Sara Naumann blog Art Journaling 2

Sometimes the right quote just finds you, doesn’t it?

Here’s how it happened: One website I follow is Jamie Ridler Studios. I love her podcasts and look forward to her email newsletters. The August newsletter talked about her Full Moon Dreamboards, which you can read about here. The email linked to her free class (available here) and this is where it came together for me.

According to Jamie, a Dreamboard is: “A visual representation of what you would like to bring into your life over the coming days.” (You know, like when you’re moving, doing new work, while hoping to be a mindful and good parent.)

You collect images—cut from magazines, painted, photographed, whatever—then assemble them onto a board. She adds,  “Putting our intentions into tangible form helps both us and the Universe get really clear on what it is that we want. The Universe responds to what we put energy into.”

Sara Naumann blog Art Journaling 3

And sometimes more than one quote finds you.

I love the idea of a big board full of images…but in the throes of moving and packing, something large and unwieldy wasn’t quite so feasible. But I could do this same process of collecting, assembling and journaling in a journal…with images and words and notes and…yes, I know, like an art journal. Ah-ha!

Sara Naumann blog Art Journaling 4

The importance of gezelligheid. (Or coziness.)

Funny how a thought process works, isn’t it?

So this past week, I gathered my very simple tools: A glue stick, scissors, black pen, magazines and a blank journal I’ve had for about two years, which I bought with the intention of doing an art journal some day. I decided not to complicate matters with paint and doodling, but to keep things simple with just images and words.

Sara Naumann blog Art Journaling 8

Funny where you find these good reminders!

Sara Naumann blog Art Journaling 5

“The books of my life”. This would be a book in itself…

I collected, I cut, I glued and I journaled…and I loved it. The process was so calming. The journaling was totally unlike—and yet, really complemented—my daily journaling. It was focused and I was focused.

Sara Naumann blog Art Journaling 7

This is my mantra.

Sara Naumann blog Art Journaling 6

Colors, images, journaling. Yeah, I finally get it!

Now, Jamie’s Dreamboards are done monthly in correlation with the Full Moon, and I think I will try that for next month when things have settled down somewhat. If you’d like to read more (or join me!) then do see the FAQs and info on Jamie’s website.