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I had the best weekend. I mean, the best.

I love being around other crafty/creative people, and this weekend’s AMS*DIY event at the ABC Treehouse was fantastic. There’s something about seeing other people’s work, talking to them about craft fairs and work habits, creative inspiration and experiences…the event was open Saturday and Sunday, and both nights I came home buzzing with creative adrenaline.

I think sometimes it just helps to know there are other like-minded people out there, especially when one works alone.

Sara Naumann blog AMS*DIY craft fair

A shot of the upstairs artists' room.

Sara Naumann blog AMS*DIY event

My table: Collage jewellry, handmade cards and framed pieces.

Take a look at the sites of a few who exhibited/taught workshops—

Gustavo Ramirez, who makes amazing papier mache pieces. This is not the kind of papier mache I remember from grade school. His work is sophisticated, and also playful, and his colors are so rich and vibrant.

Sara Naumann blog Gustavo Ramirez AMS*DIY

Gustavo Ramirez' gorgeous papier mache pieces.

Kitty Darkness Designs makes hand-carved stamps, jewelry, stationery items and much more. She taught a stamp-carving workshop at the event and had lots of happy students carving away. Her niche is “kawaii”, which is Japanese for “cute” and her work is very cute, in a cool and modern way. I love her stuff!

Sara Naumann blog Kitty Darkness AMS*DIY

A table full of fun Kitty Darkness stamps and jewelry; at the end is Josine Nolet's quilting table.

– Ginni Fleck runs the DIY Textile School and taught a silk-screening workshop. Her school looks so great, with workshops on mixed-media and surface design, fiber arts and more.

– Josine Nolet, who makes the most beautiful quilts—big, gorgeous quilts made from recycled fabrics. I think her sense of color is amazing!

Sara Naumann blog Josine Nolet AMS*DIY event

Josine Nolet's gorgeous quilts!

The event was sponsored in part by Penelope Craft Boutique, and although they do knitting/crochet/spinning and other “soft crafts” that I don’t do, I think I’m going to hit up their shop anyway for a bit of crafty goodness sometime soon!