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Sara Naumann blog rings

A couple of rings in rice! Ring blanks from Nunn Design; buttons are vintage.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference…you know, when you learn something new (a technique, tip, style, etc) and it just keeps making a difference in the way you do things?

Rice has been that way for me!

Yes, rice.

You see, I read one of Stampington’s jewelry magazines…I think it was Jewelry Affaire…and one of the contributing designers wrote about setting rings in a box of rice while allowing the resin she put in the bezel to dry. I make a lot of rings with vintage buttons glued onto a ring blank, and it always puzzled me how to keep the ring upright while the glue dried. When I read about the box of rice it was like a light bulb went off! So now when I make these rings (which have been selling really well at The New Label Project) I put them in a container of dry rice while the glue dries.

Sara Naumann blog rings for display

Here are vintage button cocktail rings as displayed at the Sunday Market.

Displaying my finished jewelry is not my strong suit, so I was super glad I could use the same idea for displaying the rings at the Sunday Market. Instead of a plastic yogurt lid, I used an old wooden tea box or cigar box filled with rice.

PS. The ring blanks are from Nunn Design (available at your local craft store; you can only order wholesale from Nunn). These are hands-down the best ring blanks I’ve seen. They’re adjustable, but don’t look like it and they’re not that awful flimsy metal normally used for adjustable rings. They also have a shallow bezel, so you can use resin with them too if you wish. I search for vintage buttons to nest inside, or glue on top.