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Sara Naumann blog tray storage

Stamps, ribbon, inkpad, etc...my method of carrying supplies from studio to kitchen table.

I’ve mentioned before that my studio is basically a bicycle shed in back of our apartment. It’s a great place to work during the summer, spring and part of the fall—basically, at any time except winter. Even though I have a little space heater out there, it gets uncomfortably cold.

Also, I try to fit as much creative time as I can into Anna’s naptimes, so I don’t really want to be outside while she sleeps in case something comes up.

So while she’s napping, I’m usually making stuff at the kitchen table. I used to trundle in and out fetching this and that, until I realized how much time I was wasting trundling in and out. So here’s my solution—it’s not perfect, but it works for me, for now.

The night before, I plan out what project I’ll work on the next day. Last week it was some Scrabble tile projects for the Summer issue of Paper Creations magazine. Then I gather up as many of the supplies as I know I’ll need: Paper, paint, glue, ribbon and so on, and put them all into a cardboard tray that used to hold cans of cat food and bring it inside and put it in the closet, ready to whisk out as soon as she’s asleep. When she gets up, I can toss everything back into the tray and stash it back in the closet until my next creative opportunity.

(I still trundle out to the bicycle shed/studio for things I’ve forgotten or items that I suddenly realize I need—but much less often!)

For smaller items, like glue and pens and things, I use plastic containers—yogurt containers, plastic trays that produce is often packaged in, and so on. I never throw that stuff out, but use it for storage instead.

Sara Naumann blog plastic tray

A little plastic tray that used to hold tomatoes...it's the perfect place to stash paintbrushes, magnets, and other small items.

Sara Naumann blog yogurt cups

Yogurt cups are ideal for holding beads, charms, little snips of paper...or Scrabble tiles!

Is it a perfect solution? No—I’d still love a cozy indoor studio, but until then, my recycled containers seem to be working well for me!

(Yes, this post is up early…we’re headed to the U.S. for Christmas bright and early Monday morning. Fingers crossed all goes well!)