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Recently I went to my hairdresser at Oh You Pretty Things on the Spuistraat in Amsterdam for a post-pregnancy “I’m in desperate straits” hair repair. Three hours later, I headed to the WC, which is downstairs.

(I use the term “downstairs” loosely, since it sounds like you’re just walking down a flight of stairs…but this is Amsterdam, so it’s more like inching your way down a very steep ladder, while clinging to the narrow wall for dear life. It was a treacherous process when I was hugely pregnant, and it really hasn’t gotten easier.)


So they’ve just had a local artist, Michelle de Gruijl (michelledegruijl.nl) create a mural on the bathroom walls. I love the vintage look of the women, and I’m intrigued by the black-with-color-outside-the-lines effect. It’s so simple, but so effective. I’m thinking to try it with black-and-white stamped images and chalk, Pan Pastels or even fluid acrylic paint. What do you think?