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Or, what’s not on my desk?

Sara Naumann blog other desk

Or my other desk?

The only way I can describe my weekend is like this: I’ve been on an art bender.

You know, where you just get totally carried away by the making and the doing and the cutting and gluing and the whole lovely creative process…so carried away that the next thing you know, you’ve got 28 pairs of Ice Resin earrings and haven’t been to the loo for hours.

Also, that you forgot the soup is on the stove.

This weekend I had a couple of lovely chunks of time when Keith and Anna went swimming, then naptime, then my usual wild Saturday night tucked up in my room—and I was able to really spread out and make all kinds of fun stuff.

Sara Naumann blog hair clasps

Hair clasps with vintage buttons. I could have made a zillion of these!

Sara Naumann blog earrings

Post earrings with vintage buttons (upside down while the glue dries).

Sara Naumann blog styrofoam earrings

Earrings stuck into a giant piece of styrofoam packing material to keep them steady while the resin sets. The styrofoam is from when we got our new dryer. Yes, neighbor lady, that’s why I was digging around in our trash can Saturday morning.

Sara Naumann blog ring

Every time I make a batch of jewelry, there’s one piece that I absolutely cannot bear to part with…this time, it’s this ring. Trust me, it looks prettier when it’s not stuck into a kitchen sponge to dry!

Sara Naumann blog Art Chix hearts

MAJOR fun! I adore these lightweight wooden hearts from Art Chix. They come with the patterned design, so I added words, coated them in Ice Resin, then sprinkled fine clear glitter into the resin. A bail glued to the back makes them instant pendants or charms. Swoon!

More finishing up to do this afternoon!

Happy Monday!