I love Mondays.

A fresh new week with lots of cool projects to work on: First, setting up a photo studio of sorts in this funny little nook of an office we have upstairs. There’s good natural light, but I’m such a novice at photographing items that I’m taking a million photos to find out the best position, angle, etc. I’ve decided to finally open an Etsy store and I need to get things photographed! More details as things progress, since I have a lot to learn. (Including the Polish mail system.)

Sara Naumann blog desk photo shoot

This room is always freezing cold, which is why we keep the beer in there. Although maybe a drink would improve my photography, who knows?

Sara Naumann blog etsy wish ring

Wish Ring, one of nine zillion photos.

Also: Scanning in a ton of vintage flea market ephemera, postmarks and old letters and scraps and cut-out words and fragments for another project….stamps! This is a MAJOR learning experience for me (greyscale? bitmap? dpi?) and for awhile there I was like, I’m never going to get this. But somewhere along the line I did get it, sort of, so I’m keeping calm and carrying on.

Sara Naumann blog desk postcards

A pile of ephemera loveliness, just waiting to be scanned.

Last—two coffee cans and a beer can, which I’m saving because I know I will come up with an idea for them some day. I think I’ll use the coffee cans to hold brushes but I have an idea to somehow make a journal cover from the beer can because it’s actually really pretty.

Sara Naumann blog desk cans

I know I’ll use them some day!

Hope you have a happy Monday!