Sara Naumann blog photo Friday Polish museum

We are big museum-goers, me and my little family. I could happily spend hours poking around museums, and I’m having fun giving Anna the experience too. (Okay, not for hours…not with a 2-year-old!)

One of our neighborhood museums is in the local park, Oliwa. Despite being a beautiful building set in the midst of a popular park—and right next to a cathedral—we hardly ever see anyone else in it. (This seems to be a theme in our part of the world…we’re virtually guaranteed to be the only visitors to any art gallery or museum.)

It’s not a big museum—it takes maybe an hour to go through—but it has a nice permanent collection of paintings and sculpture and a changing exhibit of more modern pieces. Anna’s favorite is a sculpture called The Crying Man and we often talk about why he’s crying.

Sara Naumann blog crying man

He’s at the very  end of the museum, so we always go visit him first, then come back through.

What museums or art galleries to you visit for inspiration? And, are you the only one there too?

Happy Friday!