Sara Naumann photo friday

Remember the cassette tape?

I spotted this little green graffiti image tucked away on a low wall on my walk the other day. In an instant, it brought me right back to eighth grade.

Yes: Those days of trading mixed tapes and *gasp* taping favorite songs off the radio—rushing to hit the “record” button as you heard the DJ announce the next song.

Then—of course—playing those songs over and over and over and over…despite the horrendous fuzzy audio and the abrupt transitions from one song to the next.

Talk about DIY.

How cool that was.

Here’s to those fond memories, all brought back by the sight of a little green cassette tape. (Which was probably spray-painted by someone born after that golden age of technology!)

Photo taken in Sopot, Poland.

Happy Friday! (Let’s put some music on.)