Sara Naumann fishing boat flags on the beach

Every morning, the fishermen bring their boats up on the shore of our local beach, where they offload salmon, mackerel and other fish. Somewhere in between hauling up boxes of fish, pulling off rubber overalls and gathering for a quick swig from a bottle or thermos, the fishermen also lean up their fishing boat flags.

I don’t know anything about fishing, or fishing boats—yet my attention is always caught by the row of fishing boat flags lined up against this metal rail. Apparently each flag conveys a certain meaning (from what I understand, it’s the type of fish being caught) so of course I’m intrigued—it’s like a secret language. Aside from specific country flags (and the Jolly Roger), I’ve never really thought much about the flags on boats and ships. How cool to realize they have a meaning of their own.

Happy Friday!