Sara Naumann blog Krakow facade

Last Friday I went to Krakow for a solo weekend of soul-restoration. I try to head off for a weekend alone a few times each year—it’s good for my spirit and always gives me new ideas and inspiration. Although Sopot is lovely, it is a small town and the pace is slow. I miss being in a city and having access to those things cities offer: Museums, culture and that undefinable city energy. So off I went to Krakow, the second-largest city in Poland and one with relatively little damage from the war. (By “relatively”, I mean about 65% of it was destroyed…compared to Warsaw’s 85%.)

One thing you’ll notice about the older parts of Krakow–or indeed, Sopot–is that while many of the buildings have survived and have people living in them, they still ache for a little restoration. I imagine it’s simply a case of having enough money. There’s something still so lovely about these places…just look at the wrought-iron balconies, for example, and the stone detail above the windows. Beautiful.

Just think: What stories could these buildings share?

Happy Friday!