Sara Naumann blog Krakow Town Hall tower

Another scene from my recent trip to Krakow. The Gothic Town Hall Tower was right outside my hotel room positioned on the edge of the main square.

It’s a dramatic part of the relatively low-lying Krakow city landscape; because of that and it’s location in the main square, it’s used as a landmark and meeting place. I saw the sun rise behind it in the morning and watched the Friday and Saturday night crowds meet up there too.

In a country that lost so many of its buildings and monuments, it’s a relief to see something so old (this dates back to the 13th century) so beautifully integrated with the present.

(And yes, it is leaning—like its famous cousin in Italy, it leans just a little—about 55 centimeters!)

Photo taken in Krakow, Poland.

Happy Friday! (It’s All Saints Day here in Poland, so the town is quiet as everything is shut up and people head to the graveyards with candles and flowers.)