Sara Naumann vintage ship photo

Last weekend my little family went to the maritime museum in Gdansk. While the exhibitions were a bit too technical for my inquisitive three-year-old, we all found the ship models and displays really fascinating. (I envision myself sailing the seven seas à la “Treasure Island”, in a past lifetime. Except without the need for glasses. I wouldn’t be able to see land until we landed!)

The view out the museum window is of another piece of maritime history: The SS Sołdek, the first ship built in Poland after World War II. If you’ve seen photos of the destruction of Poland after the war, you’ll realize what an insurmountable task it was to build anything, let alone a ship. That said, Gdansk is a maritime town and I can only imagine the city’s pride when that ship sailed in 1948.

To that end, I made the photo black and white and slightly vintage-y with Instagram; I can see altering it more heavily with chalk and sanding, then using it on a mixed-media card. Or maybe a Lazertran photo transfer? Hmmmm….

Happy Friday!