I’ve fallen in love with a Gelli Plate.

Last March (yes, last March) I bought a Gelli Plate. I brought it home, thought “this will be fun to play with” and promptly forgot about it. Then between packing and unpacking and moving house, it just got lost in the shuffle. So last weekend I was in dire need of creative playtime, and remembered this Gelli Plate. (Locating it took some time…) A quick read of the directions on the package and away I went.

And now I’m addicted.

I Gelli Plated (is that a verb?) everything in sight, starting with nice acrylic paper and gradually swapping to plain printer paper because there was just no stopping me. I got out the punchinella, the chipboard alpha stencils, the bubble wrap, and alllll those acrylic paints I’ve been not-using for months. I did this all Saturday night. Then I woke up at six on Sunday morning and my first thought was that Gelli Plate.

(Did I say love? It might be addiction.)

So this week’s Project Wednesday is not necessarily a project per se, but a glimpse of the prints I made in my weekend frenzy.

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Happy Wednesday!