Sara Naumann blog plastic lid

This little plastic yogurt lid totally saves my paper during work sessions.

I use a lot of baby wipes in my studio to clean hands, stamps, spills, and other little messes.

Of course, you can re-use a single baby wipe several times. (And when they dry out, you can use them for blotting ink or paint to make texture.) So it’s good to save them. But there’s nothing worse than cleaning a stamp, placing the still-damp-and-now-inky baby wipe on your work surface only to discover later that it somehow touched your paper or even your finished work. Countless times I’ve hastily rescued a piece of paper or card that’s gotten wet.

(Or maybe I’m the only one who creates amidst a giant pile of papers, card, embellishments, inkpads and stamps…maybe everyone else has a much more organized process. But I kind of don’t think so. 🙂 )

So here’s my solution: A plastic yogurt lid (you know I am all about reusing plastic containers) sits on my desk to hold the baby wipe. It’s such a little thing, but it’s become a permanent fixture on my work table and it gives me a place to toss that still-damp baby wipe to reuse later in my creating process—without getting everything damp.

Happy Monday!