I’ve finally figured out how best to store my acrylic blocks for stamping.

Sara Naumann blog studio snapshots

I use this shallow plastic container which I bought in the kitchen department at HEMA, the Dutch equivalent of Target. (I think it’s originally for keeping lunch meat fresh.) It’s 8″ x5 1/2″ and 2″ deep and it’s really become the perfect place to store my acrylic blocks. I used to have them in a drawer but felt like I was always rummaging around looking for the right block, so I put them in this container and I keep it on my work table. That way I can always grab a block!

(It’s especially helpful since I was constantly losing my small blocks. Yes, you can use a big block for a tiny stamp but that also increases the likelihood of stray ink marks and wobbly prints. It’s much better to use a block that’s slightly bigger than your stamp.)

Here’s where it sits on my work table.

Sara Naumann blog studio snapshots 2

I can just reach over and grab the right size and be on my way!

How do you organize your blocks? Found any great systems that work for you?

Happy Monday!