Not so long ago (just seven months, actually!) my “studio” space consisted of a nook off the kitchen in our tiny Amsterdam apartment. Most art supplies were stored in the hall closet or the bicycle shed out back. Now I have a proper studio space in my house…and I’ve somehow, already, managed to outgrow it. How, how?!?!

I made a pledge to myself a few weeks ago that the first day of each month would include some kind of studio organization. Nothing giant, just a drawer here or a box there. Well, this weekend I happened to notice a spare dresser in our recycling room. Our rental house is furnished and sometimes we come across unused furniture in various rooms! So into the studio it went, dusted and cleaned and perfectly serviceable.

ra Naumann blog organizing

My goal with this month’s organization was to clear some space off my work table. Somehow I’d cluttered it up so much that I end up working in about 7″ of space, surrounded by things I don’t use that often. Now it feels a little more spacious since I consolidated some things and put others in the drawers.

Sara Naumann blog organizing

Yes, I know there’s still a lot of stuff on it. But not as much as before, believe me!

(I’m also terrible about creating piles, especially with books and journals—today I found a stack of magazines from 2011!)

Sara Naumann blog organization

Just waiting to slide off…

My last organizing effort today was to tidy up my “work in progress” box—this is where I stash projects that are, well, in progress. I put pieces in sheet protectors and into a box and then I can grab it when I have the time.

Sara Naumann blog

In the works: Jewelry and a new You Tube crafting show!

Happy Monday!