I’m scheduled for a Masterclass article in the UK magazine Craft Stamper. For those of you in the UK, you know this magazine is probably the top of the line for mixed-media papercrafting and stamping, so I’m always really honored and a little nervous when it comes to designing for them. I learn so much in every issue so I always feel pressured to keep up! 🙂

This week I’m sending out the Masterclass article for the September issue. (Yes, magazines work many months in advance!) The topic is on Gelatos from Faber-Castell, which are probably one of the most versatile craft mediums I’ve come across in a long time.

Sara Naumann craft stamper magazine gelatos masterclass

So off it goes in the mail–the projects, the step-outs, the CD with the step photos I’ve taken, the written instructions and a hard copy of everything. Plus a little smiley face for the editor, Katy.

Happy Monday!