I’m up to my eyeballs in prep work for filming Scrapbook Soup in a few weeks—I got the info from Hot Off The Press over the weekend and I’m really keen to show these cool techniques!

One segment is all about using Dazzles outline stickers with Sakura pens. I bought some Sakura pens (Glaze and Souffle) last time I was in the States and never used them because I just didn’t know what to do with them. (Why did I buy them in the first place, then? Must have been fate…)

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Show notes for HOTP’s Scrapbook Soup segment on using Dazzles with Sakura pens. It IS organized, I promise!

The pens work beautifully with the Dazzles—the outline sticker makes it easy to stay inside the lines, so you can color easily and with great results. I am not a colorist by any means but suddenly I feel like I’ve got a whole new use for my pens—yay!

Some of the projects I’ll show on television are the sticker-and-pen combo on paper (you can see a sneak peek above) but others are on acetate which I LOVE. One tip from the fabulous Susan Cobb is to be sure your acetate is on a level surface as you color and when the ink is drying, otherwise it can puddle and pool unevenly.

Okay, it’s back to work for me…it kind of doesn’t seem fair that I’m having so much fun. Gee, add some chocolate and it’s basically a vacation.

{Runs off to get chocolate…}

Happy Monday!