Remember this card from last week’s {Project} Wednesday post?

Sara Naumann blog post Journey card

This week I wanted to show you how I photographed it. Taking photos of projects (cards, jewelry, collage pieces) is something I’ve struggled with over the years and thought I would share my process with you…it helps if you’re taking pics of your things for Etsy or your own website.

Here’s my super-sophisticated photo studio:

Sara Naumann blog photographing card projects

One piece of white paper, two IKEA floor lamps and a point-and-shoot camera.

Sara Naumann blog how to take a photo of a craft projec

Oh, yes–and an inkpad to prop up the card that kept slipping! The books are some of my own journals that I pulled off the shelf.

Because my studio is in the basement, it doesn’t get terrific light, and this is the best and easiest set-up I’ve devised given my non-existent photo knowledge and lack of fancy photo equipment!

Happy Monday!