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Bright and early. Well, early, anyway.

I’m working on a new video class for Creative Workshops, set to launch in September. The class is called Journaling with Gelatos and I’m super-excited to share all of these cool Gelato techniques (blending! stenciling! stamping!) plus 15 journaling prompts for an All-About-Me style of mini book.

Sara Naumann blog filming

Notes, stamps, Gelatos…my cheat pile while I’m filming.

In the end, students will make a 30-page journal—each double-page spread features a different Gelato technique and a different journaling prompt.

Sara Naumann blog filming

The staging area…the other messy desk in my studio.

Which is why you could find me, super-glamorous in pajamas, filming at 6:00am. I have to work around Anna’s awake-and-noisy time, which means I film before she wakes up, at naptime and after she goes to bed.

(I will spare you the photo.)

Sara Naumann blog filming

The pile of finished and filmed pages—in sheet protectors for now.

The class is broken down into segments, one per double-page spread. Each video is about 10 minutes long. 10 minutes x 15 segments = over two hours of video class.

I kind of went overboard. There was just so much to share!

ara Naumann blog filming

My supply bucket—keeping all the class supplies in one area cuts down on supply-spread.

Plus the welcome portion of the video, for which I’ll have to get dressed and fix my hair. The hands-on portion is (thankfully) a different story! At this point we’re looking at three hours of video class, by which time students will be Gelato pros and have awesome, insightful journaling (plus they’ll know my writing tricks).

They will also, probably, know more about me than they ever wanted to. (I share my own journaling too.)

I’ll keep you posted as we get closer to the launch date!

(Time to get dressed now, too.)

Happy Monday!