It’s a weird one, I admit.

I love sheet protectors. You know, those plastic page protectors you can get at the office supply store in a box of 200? I love them. Love them love them love them.

Of course I buy them in the 200-count box.

Sara Naumann blog page protectors

I use them to store projects. Projects I make for my blog, projects I’ve done for magazines, projects for workshops, demos, classes, television, and so on. Each project goes in a page protector. Then when I’m done with them, they go in a 3-ring binder. If I ever need to refer to a project again, I can flip through the binder and find it immediately.

I also store projects-in-progress in page protectors, because I can tuck in elements that go with it. For example, the cards in the photo above are for an e-book I’m designing on Gelatos. The e-book will also have video embedded, so to film the process of making the cards, I need all the parts and pieces ready: Pre-cut pieces of cardstock, paper, embellishments, and of course the Gelatos. I pop all the prepped pieces in a page protector, put a sticky label on it and it’s organized and ready to be filmed.

Another reason for the page protectors? You see all these cards on the floor, waiting to be filmed? They’re protected from drips, spills and curious toddlers. No one wants to create a piece of art, only to have painty water or tea spill on it. And it’s really easy to whisk them all up from the floor and out of the way of Little Miss if necessary.

I also, by the way, wrap my projects in page protectors before I put them in an envelope or box to mail to magazines. This way I know the paper is protected even if the package gets wet between Poland and the UK or America.

The best part? They’re re-useable so I don’t go through a box of 200 very often!

Sara Naumann blog page protectors

Enjoy! And happy Monday!