Sara naumann blog paper tole

I get really good light in the dining room, and really good light is absolutely necessary when cutting intricate pieces. You can see the main picture with the birds and flowers, plus the black and white copies showing me where to cut.

Magazines plan their issues waaaaaay ahead of time—this weekend, for example, I’ve been working on an article for the Spring 2014 issue of CardMaker magazine. I’ve just settled into summertime around here, so at least it’s easier than thinking of Christmas projects! (That’s my next assignment!)

I’m writing about paper tole, sometimes called “three-dimensional decoupage”. It’s a traditional paper craft that consists of layering several pieces of a single image ( a flower, for example) to give depth and dimension. Some people create absolute works of art, cutting and layering very small and detailed pieces. I am not one of those people, so I wanted to show readers how easy it can be.

sara naumann blog paper tole

Good scissors with small blades and sharp tips are ideal for paper tole. My pair is from Fiskars and I’ve had them for ages…they’re ideal for any kind of detail cutting.

This is what I love about writing articles: Finding the best way to present a technique that can seem unfamiliar or intimidating.

Sara Naumann blog paper tole

Keeping it simple: Die-cut pieces and foam tape are one way to create paper tole.

The article will include simple layering with a stamped image, plus punch-out Papier Tole kits from Hot Off The Press and finally finishing with an 8″x10″ piece from a kit by Geme Art. I haven’t done traditional (fussy cutting, silicone glue) paper tole since I first saw it at a craft show in Australia several years ago, so I had a bit of brushing up to do. Guess what? It’s actually quite therapeutic.

sara naumann blog paper tole

Spreading out everywhere! Of course a cup of tea is a must to go along with the creative process.

(But oh my, the smell of the silicone glue had me a bit woozy!)

Now I need to make a couple of actual cards featuring my paper tole’d pieces, then write up the instructions and tips. Better head back to the studio!

Happy Monday!