Normally on Mondays I literally look around my studio and see what I’m working on—that becomes my Studio Snapshots topic. But today I have a yet-to-be-released project all over the place so I thought I’d show you weekend photos instead.

I’m a big believer in “filling the well”—making time to do things that inspire me creatively. Usually, those things do not happen in the studio. Inspiration comes to me more naturally when I get out of the studio…for a walk, for a weekend trip, for a museum visit or even just a couple of hours with a good book. If I stay in my studio nook without a well-filling break, I can really feel it impact my work.

So last weekend, we decided to take an impromptu trip to Wdzydze (no, I can’t pronounce it!). This is a popular lake district in Poland and takes a little over an hour to drive to. As with most things here, it’s inexpensive and child-friendly.

I mentioned walking as a great way to fill the well, and I find that it works for me in two ways: First, because walking is a form of moving meditation. It’s your body moving—doing this wonderful thing of moving arms and legs and muscles—and it’s a little hard to do anything else. You can’t type. You can’t do laundry. You can talk, but you either need a phone signal or another person. I didn’t have either, so I talked to myself. Second, while walking I take photos. I take photos that are good. I take photos that are bad. I have my phone camera in one pocket for Instagram pictures, and my regular point-and-shoot in the other for more photos.

This is one of my favorite ways to get inspired. Colors, textures, scenery…it’s all opportunity for seeing new things and then—when I look at the photos later—a chance to alter them or play with them or otherwise change them from a snapshot taken on a rainy evening in a little town in Poland, into art.

Here are a few—

Sara Naumann Instagram photo

Sara Naumann flower photo

Sara Naumann Instagram photo

Sara Naumann Instagram photo

Sara Naumann lake photo

Sara Naumann lake trailer photo

Sara Naumann photo

Sara Naumann shrine photo

Sara Naumann lake sunset photo

What do you do to fill your well?

Happy Monday!