Sara Naumann blog ribbon

Ribbons, lace, trim…they’re a staple in my supply stash. And I have quite a bit, amassed over the years. This is how I store them—this system has served me faithfully over the years!

Each general color category has its own plastic zipper bag and all the ribbons in that general color group go into one bag. (These are the freezer-size bags.) I’ve had these bags for, oh…let’s see…about 6 years. Maybe longer—I remember packing them up when we moved to Amsterdam six years ago.

Anyway, I’ve got a separate bag for brown, green, red, blue, etc…. As you can see here, I don’t separate out the patterned ribbon or even by shade. Teal goes in the blue bag. Rust goes in the brown bag. That means I have fewer bags to sort through in looking for that one color. Plus sometimes I’ll need to choose from a variety of shades of one color to match paper or ink, so I just grab a bag, take it to my table where the project is, and sort through it there.

I also put my spools of ribbon inside the bags. I don’t actually have many spools—most of my ribbons are, at this stage, in bits and pieces but I often use just a little piece on the top of a tag or whatever, so I don’t want to toss them. They don’t get lost in my zipper bags.

Sara Naumann blog ribbon storage

All of my ribbon bags get tossed in this drawer. The drawer is part of a rolling storage piece that I got at IKEA; I have a couple of them and they’re great because the drawers are deep, you can see the general contents and you can also stack things on top. (A teetering pile of stuff, if you’re me!)

How do you organize your ribbons?