Last week I was in Cleveland taping Scrapbook Soup, a PBS television show. I’m a crazy person very thorough when it comes to preparation, so it’s wonderful and slightly bewildering when the filming gets done so quickly!

Sara Naumann scrapbook soup green room

The green room, where guests set up materials for each segment.

Sara Naumann blog Scrapbook Soup

In the green room, you can watch what’s being taped in the studio. Here are Julie Fei-Fan Balzer and Stacey Caron from Spellbinders, prepping for one of Stacey’s segments. (I found myself totally distracted watching them…and now I’m sold on a Grand Calibur!)

I taped 5 segments, three for Hot Off The Press and two for myself. Each segment is about five minutes of air time, and could take five minutes to tape, or half an hour, depending on the preparation and all kinds of factors outside your control (coughing fit, sneeze, burnt lightbulb).

Sara Naumann blog Scrapbook Soup

Each segment has it’s own gigantic metal tray—like a big cookie sheet. You organize the materials for each segment so it’s easy to carry things from the green room into the studio.  Here’s the Hot Off The Press segment on Artful Card Kits.

Sara Naumann blog scrapbook soup

Each tray is sticky-note labeled in order of filming. Here’s the Hot Off The Press Lattice and Blooms segment.

The three Hot Off The Press segments are: Artful Card Kits, Dazzles and Fancy Lattice and Bodacious Blooms cutting dies. Super fun to demo and organize!

Sara Naumann packing tape transfers scrapbook soup

The tray from one of my segments on packing tape photo transfers.

My two segments were on Packing Tape Photo Transfers (love!) and making your own tissue tape. I’ll also have both topics—with different projects—on my Studio SN You Tube channel in the near future, too.

I had a super time with Julie Fei-Fan Balzer (yes, the designer with all the cool stencils!). I’d taken a workshop from Julie and Nat Kalbach in Hamburg awhile ago so it was great to see her again and to work with her. She’s super nice, really funny and smart and professional. My kind of gal!

sara naumann scrapbook soup PBS television

Me and Julie Fei-Fan Balzer on the set, just before filming.

Everything went really smoothly until my return flight home, when I found myself at 4:45am with a late shuttle driver, a cancelled flight and a toothache…but managed to make it back to my parents’ in Oregon and back to Miss Anna, who was hanging out with her cousin and Omi.

The segments will air in the autumn on PBS but you can also watch online. In fact, they update new segments each week so you can pop on over and watch any time.

Happy Monday!