I’m super-extra-amazingly excited to be headed to Cleveland next month to film with the PBS show, Scrapbook Soup!

I’m going to film 5 segments for the show’s next season. Three of the segments are for Hot Off The Press (I can’t wait to see the projects!) and two are my own.

So I’m prepping…

Oh, am I prepping.

Sara Naumann Scrapbook Soup TV

It looks disorganized, but actually this pile of photo card projects is in relative order!

Each segment features a card that I demonstrate plus additional projects to show as examples. I have 5-8 minutes for each segment. Five minutes on television can either be super-fast or an eternity, depending on how prepared you are!

Sara Naumann blog Scrapbook Soup

My second segment, plus notes from the studio…including the very important reminder to not wear white, black or red on television. Or geometrics, which tend to “dance” on screen!

The trick is to schedule your timing with what I call the “magic of television” prep steps…you know, on the cooking shows where the cook puts the chicken in the oven and then pulls out a fully cooked chicken two seconds later? That’s me…only (thankfully) without the chicken.

And because this is taped, not live TV, we need multiples of each step in case a light burns out or someone has a coughing fit. (Both of which happen more often than you think!)

Then comes the packing—everything, from scissors and glue to ink and baby wipes.

Next is deciding what to wear on each segment…which I consider a good perfectly legitimate excuse for shopping. (Though it’s a little different to shop for clothes with the requirement that a microphone be easily attached!)

Sara Naumann blog post Scrapbook Soup

My go-to when packing art and craft materials: Lined cosmetic bags. They prevent leaks (especially helpful when you also have TV clothes in your suitcase!).

Okay, it’s back to the prep table for me on this beautiful sunny day. Happy Monday!