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This week I was inspired by a blog post from visual artist Janine Whitling. (She makes stunning resin rings and bracelets, she paints and she does mixed-media art and installations.) She posted a very cool list called “25 Things I Think are Ace” on her blog and I was inspired to make my own list as my art journaling page for this week.

(Okay, a little part of me also just wanted to use the word “ace” this way.)

Being almost Thanksgiving—okay, maybe not here in Poland, or in Australia, where Janine is, but never mind—it seemed like a fun version of the “I’m thankful for…” lists that usually pop up this time of year. So this week’s art journaling question is: “List 25 things you think are ace”.

Sara Naumann blog art journaling 25 things i think are ace

The background is leftover kraft paper that was laying on my desk, plus red ink brayered on top, white paint dabbed on and some blue washi tape. I’ve been on a red/white/blue/kraft color combo for awhile now. I think it’s because I haven’t cleaned off my desk for awhile and those are the items I have in front of me.

Sara Naumann blog 25 things i think are ace art journaling

Here they are: 1) fresh new pages; 2) salads made by someone else; 3) thunder & lightning; 4) airplane take-off; 5) the latest magazine; 6) sudden bursts of laughter; 7) a totally empty laundry basket; 8) that first cup of coffee in the morning; 9) a walk with NO definite destination; 10) cozy socks; 11) hearing the perfect song at the perfect time; 12) mountain air; 13) really cool graffiti; 14) going a day without buying ANYTHING; 15) stationery stores in other countries; 16) unexpected cuddles from a busy toddler; 17) taking that serendipitously cool photo; 18) DETOURS; 19) the color blue; 20) fresh berries; 21) full moons; 22) the smell of old books; 23) a project checked off the to-do list; 24) giving my childhood toys to a certain little girl; 25) ace lists, of course!

(What is it about a salad made by someone else? It always tastes better than when I make it myself. Same with sandwiches. Is it just me?)

Sara Naumann blog art journaling 25 things I think are ace

Happy Wednesday!