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This week I was listening to a podcast that talked about creating a morning ritual to set the tone of your day. I already do this, and this week have altered it somewhat to re-introduce yoga into my existing routine with my Morning Pages, breakfast and leisurely cup of coffee. I love my morning ritual.

The comment did get me thinking about night-time rituals, though—and one thing that came to mind is a night-time ritual I already do, but didn’t really think of it as such. And while it’s mainly a habit for me, it also involves another (small) person: My daughter. You see, after I tuck her in at bedtime or naptime, I wait until she falls asleep, then I sneak back into her room and arrange one of her stuffed animals with a book on the couch facing her bed. When she wakes up, the first thing she sees is a little friend cozied up with a book, and she thinks it’s hilarious. I know she’s awake then when I hear her chatting to her friend across the room.

So this week’s journaling question invites you to explore a night-time or morning ritual for yourself. What is your ritual, and what do you gain from it? (It might also prompt you to make a change or two in an existing ritual!)

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I painted the piece of acrylic paper with white and light yellow, then collaged book pages on top, then added more streaks of white paint to mute the text. The photo is just printed on my plain old printer, and my writing is on a piece of off-white cardstock. Black penwork is around the border of the page, the photo and the writing.

Sara Naumann blog journaling

It surprised me that this page turned out so scrapbook-y (which is of course my background!) and I think it’s the photo+journaling combination that makes it so. It just surprised me.

Sara Naumann blog art journaling detail

I do super-simple penwork to make a border, and I really like how it frames the whole page.

Enjoy—and happy Wednesday!