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This week’s Art Journaling question is: What do you want to let go of?

This week I’ve heard a lot of people talk about things they’re letting go of. For some, it’s commitments that no longer make sense. For others, it’s goals or projects that aren’t exciting any more. For others, it’s opinions that have been proven wrong.

For me, it’s guilt. Oh, Guilt.

This year has been all kinds of guilt for me, coming in the form of a finger-wagging Inner Critic who second-guesses my parenting, schedule, work, attention, clothing, weight…yes, pretty much everything. (But mostly the parenting stuff.) It’s exhausting—but I also realized this year I had given exquisite care to this Inner Critic. I thought about guilt. I analyzed it. I paid way too much attention to it, and so it grew. And blossomed. And now I am saying, no more. I can no longer afford to feed this poison plant.

Sara Naumann blog art journaling

Background made with watercolor crayons, black pen outline, and masking tape (which is great to write on, by the way). Words are highlighted with Distress Marker.

Sara Naumann blog art journaling

Another watercolor crayon background (lots of water so it’s pretty faint). The image is from a magazine; I applied gesso and a layer of thin white paint, then messily colored the dress, boots and purse with Distress Stain. Blue watercolor crayon is the background, black on the ground. Neither one of these was watered down so they look crayon-y. I like this image because it’s all about walking away. (While looking great.)

Happy (guilt-free) Wednesday to you!