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Last night I watched an interview with Jenny Doh on the website Smart Creative Women. (By the way, this website is a gold mine of creative, successful women in the industry and I have learned a ton from them.) I think Jenny is so classy—smart, talented, gorgeous and just super-inspiring, so I was excited to listen to her interview.

One comment you’ll hear Jenny make is that she’s “crazy about art”. As I was ready to pull out my art journal for a Tuesday-night session (yes, that’s just how wild my evenings are), I thought about this topic and decided to ask myself this question: What are you crazy about?

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For me, I focused on my business and work, rather than just general craziness (which would include Anna, chocolate and new books), and decided to journal in a numbering format since sometimes I get overzealous on the writing part. My efforts to keep it minimalist didn’t work so well, since I caught myself continuously squeezing things in and adding arrows and dotted lines. Oh, well.

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My big discovery, though, was this: I need to make more art. When teaching art, writing about art, and blogging about art are your business, it’s super-easy to lose track of time for creating art—the emails, updates, expense reports and other details can steal away time from making, experimenting and doing. And yet, all the rest of the business stuff simply wouldn’t happen without the core of the effort: The art. Sounds obvious, but still. So my take-away from this journaling session is that I simply need to focus for a bit on that one little thing that I’m crazy about—and have been crazy about since I was a little girl: Making stuff.

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What are you crazy about? A little art journaling might just clarify your direction—like it did for me!

Happy Wednesday!