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This week I was once again participating in Jamie Ridler’s Full Moon Dreamboard project. This month it’s the Full Harvest Moon, and the question is:

What would I love an abundance of?

Weirdly, I started out getting all tangled up in semantics and probably unearthed a whole other art journaling question…until I sort of rephrased the question for myself and then could carry on.

Sara Naumann blog art journaling page 1

Let me just get the question straight in my mind first!

Sara Naumann blog art journaling close up page 1

I got a little tangled up in semantics. *sigh*

Sara Naumann art journaling blog spread

What would I like an abundance of? (Or, what would I like lots of?)

And then I was fine after that:

Sara Naumann art journaling page 2

The most fun is matching images to words. Me + a pile of magazines + scissors = My idea of fun. (I know, I don’t get out much.)

Sara Naumann blog art journaling close up p 2

Totally appreciating the value of sleep.

And then I just went kind of crazy and made lots and lots of pages! Here are a few more:

Sara Naumann art journaling blog stories page

Unfinished (the paint was drying when I photographed this) but you get the gist. MORE STORIES!

Sara Naumann art journaling blog drama

The beauty of stories…whether they’re acted out, or displayed on a shelf.  Stories, and the books that hold them, are just lovely. (And a little part of me really wants to dress up like Anna Karenina. Okay, it’s not just a little part.)

Going big in my art has been a recurring theme for me lately. Big as in size, and big as in volume, theatrics, elaborate-ness.

Sara Naumann art journaling blog scale

There’s something that intrigues me about the physical-ness of making art.

Happy Wednesday—and happy Halloween! (Little Monkey and I will be anxiously waiting for Keith to come home from work so we can start decorating her pumpkin.)