Sara Naumann blog Bubble Wrap card

I made this card while experimenting with bubble wrap painting techniques and wanted to share it here. I adore bubble wrap, as it’s an easy way to get color and pattern on your paper.


• Blank card

• Black, blue cardstock

• Acrylic paper

• Yellow, blue, red acrylic paint

• Paintbrush

• Journaling Acrylic Stamps (Hot Off The Press)

• Black inkpad

• Hemp twine, clear tape

• Bubble Wrap

Here’s how:

1) Use the paintbrush to apply yellow, blue and red paint to a piece of bubble wrap, allowing the colors to overlap slightly.

2) Turn over and stamp onto a piece of acrylic paper. Let dry, then trim slightly smaller than your card front and layer on blue cardstock. Tie a knot in a piece of hemp twine and wrap around the piece, securing the ends at the back with clear tape.

3) Paint streaks of red, blue and yellow paint on a piece of acrylic paper, blending the colors slightly. Let dry. Stamp the brackets and “stolen moments”; cut out the brackets. Trim the sentiment and mat on black cardstock. Add to the bubble-wrap portion as shown.

4) Cover the card front with black cardstock and add the focal piece in the center.