I’m packing.

I’m double-checking, triple-checking and reviewing just one more time to make sure I have the class kits, the paint, the tape, the glue, the alcohol ink, the paper, the baby wipes, the Lazertran, the stamps, the jewelry tools, the Pan Pastels, the inkpads…

Sara Naumann blog packing for Art & Soul

Class supplies for Art & Soul...Yes, I think I'll take the big suitcase.

Sara Naumann blog Lazertran Art & Soul class kits

Kits for my Lazertran class—all 20 students get a customized kit with their photos.

Sara Naumann blog Narrative Jewelry class kits

Each lunchbox is a kit for my Narrative Jewelry class.

Sara Naumann blog Narrative Jewelry class kits Art & Soul

A close up of the Narrative Jewelry class kits: Ring blank, pendants, pearls, chain...all in a really cute lunchbox to protect their Ice Resin'ed pendants.

Sara Naumann blog Art & Soul make up kits for tools

The best way to pack paint, glue, Ice Resin and all kinds of art supplies that have the potential to leak or spill: Make-up bags! (Plus they're cute!)

And very important—the class notes! (Almost as important as the class kits, but I’d rather ad-lib techniques I know, than explain how I left the kits 3,000 miles away and maybe we can just chat for the class session instead? Because I know that would never work.)

Sara Naumann Art & Soul teacher notes

Don't forget your class notes!!!

I’m getting ready for Art & Soul Virginia this week and as usual, am overdoing it a bit much on the preparation side of things…but I know myself, and know that I won’t feel comfortable getting on that plane without being absolutely sure that I am as prepared as I can be.

I’m taking off for Hampton, Virginia (via Detroit!?!) on Saturday morning—the first long-haul flight I’ve had in a long time where I can actually read a book and sleep instead of fretting over a wiggly baby. I never thought I’d consider economy class a luxury, but after traveling with a child, I’ve changed my tune! I even have a big fat novel and a chocolate bar to keep me company.

If you’re attending Art & Soul Virginia, hope to see you there!

(Now, where am I going to pack my clothes?!?)