Hope you had a lovely Valentine’s Day—perhaps one that was a bit more romantic than mine…Keith is working on a massive project with a deadline presentation on Thursday, and Anna is on Day Four of her pink eye. I’m doing laundry 24/7 and sterilizing everything in a ridiculous (too little, too late) effort to keep the germs at bay.

Yes, it’s just roses and chocolates around here, I’m telling you.

Actually, I did want to share a couple of things with you that are love-themed: My mom, who makes beautiful stamped cards, sent Anna her first Valentine. Isn’t it sweet? And in the true spirit of grandmothers, Anna’s Valentine package included this card, plus three new outfits and a book called “Hug, Hug”.

Sara Naumann blog Anna's Valentine

My mom sent this sweet Valentine to Anna. (My mom makes amazing cards!)

The photo doesn’t do it justice, really—the shading on the mice is just perfect, and the hearts above their heads are accented with Diamond Glaze for very subtle dimension. Plus she’s an ace at getting those border punches to line up so perfectly.

Keith and I also got a card:

Sara Naumann blog Valentine card

This is the card my mom made for Keith and me.

Oh—and here is the card I made with Anna, for Keith.

Sara Naumann blog kids valentine

Anna's Valentine for her father. It says "I love you" in Dutch.

For this card, I wanted to make something with Anna (it’s never too early, is my philosophy) but she isn’t even a year old, so it’s not like you can just hand over the scissors. I thought the handprint would be something uniquely Anna, and make a good focal point. To make a card like this, you’ll need:

– Worn Lipstick Distress Ink

– Vellum

– Black and white cardstock; a blank white card

– Silver embroidery thread

– Black pen

– Clear tape

– A child

– Baby wipes out and ready

Just ink up Little One’s hand, press it onto the white cardstock, then lift and clean with a baby wipe right away. This is the only hard part of the card-making process—I said, “Good job!” which prompted Anna to clap for herself, then she made one of those sudden full-body twists only limber little kids can do.

Trim the handprint piece, write your message, and glue it to a piece of vellum. Tear the bottom edge and mat on black cardstock. Wrap with silver embroidery thread, securing the ends at the back with tape. Glue to a white card. Easy!

This weekend I’m headed to a trade show in Birmingham, England: the Craft Hobby & Stitch show, otherwise known as Stitches. It’s not open to the public—like the CHA show in California, this is for retailers and manufacturers and those doing business in the craft industry. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s new in the market, especially in stamps and mixed-media, and to see about any items I can use for the three (yes, three!) online classes I have planned with Creative Workshops for this coming year.

Wishing you a happy Wednesday!