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I’ve only been excited about this project for, like, months! I can’t believe the opening date is coming up next week. Yay!

Sara Naumann blog The New Label Project

Today I took my inventory over to The New Label Project to get my cube set up. In true Sara “Early & Overprepared” Naumann style, I was the first one there to set up. Yes, when I get excited about a project, I’m in 150%, Lord help me.

Sara Naumann blog The New Label Project Amsterdam

My box of collaged pendants, earrings, cards and vintage button rings.

Display is not my strong point, so I was superglad that Giulia was there to help. I’m so pleased with how she managed to fit everything into the cube without it looking crowded, and how the colors stand out against the glossy white. Her layout is way better than what I had in mind, so I’m really grateful for her help.

Sara Naumann blog The New Label Project Amsterdam collage

A closer look at the display.

I’m dying to see how it’s all going to look together when everyone else’s things are in their cubes. There will be designers from the Netherlands, Germany, Italy…it’s going to be very international!

Sara Naumann blog The New Label Project Amsterdam boxes

All of these empty boxes will soon be filled with lovely handmade items. I can't wait to see how everything will look together!

So if you’re in Amsterdam on or after December 1st, please stop by The New Label Project at Rozengracht 75 and check it out for yourself! (Super easy to access on the number 17 tram from Centraal Station, Westerkerk stop.)