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Sara Naumann blog mystery necklace

Collage pendant + pearls + chain

I’ve got so many fun projects in the works…of course, they’re all coming to me at once—which is great, because it’s exciting and energizing, and the tiniest bit scary because, like most people, I never feel like I have enough time.

So on Wednesdays, Anna goes to nursery, which means I can get out the paper, glue, Ice Resin (!) and jewelry bits and spend the day getting messy with stuff you don’t want a getting-very-grabby-baby to get her mitts on.

This week I’m working on jewelry for next month’s Sunday Market and the Handmade Holiday event at the ABC Treehouse in December. I had made collage pendants and used Diamond Glaze to set them, but discovered that I really needed to use an epoxy resin instead. Here’s the story:

I made a bunch (I mean, a lot) of these necklaces like the one you see above and packed them up to sell at my Vendor Faire table at Art & Soul. I carefully wrapped them in bubble wrap. Well, in between packing and probably the airplane change of temperature, the bubble wrap bubbles pressed into the charm and made indentations. I unwrapped the necklaces in Portland and was so bummed! So I bought some Ice Resin and now I’ve taken apart the necklaces to make new ones.

Sara Naumann blog mistake necklace

Can you see the bubble wrap indentation? It might be a bit hard to see in this (admittedly bad) photo, but trust me...it's there. Bummer!

And while I’m bummed, I’m really relieved I caught it before selling any of the pieces. I mean, my own personal necklaces are fine, but I don’t pack them up on a daily basis and you never know what a customer will do if she takes her piece on vacation with her, or mails it as a gift to someone or inadvertently scratches it or whatever. I love Diamond Glaze for all kinds of reasons and I use it like mad, but this isn’t the right place for it.

But you know that feeling where you’re like….”I did something that didn’t work, but I did it on, like, twenty-seven pieces and now I have to fix everything”? Yeah, that was pretty much me. In fact, I’d also used it on a bunch of Scrabble tile pendants, and had wrapped those in tissue paper. So guess what happened? See below:

Sara Naumann blog scrabble tile

Yes, the tissue stuck to the glaze. And yes, the glaze had been dry for weeks.

So now, I’m breaking out the Ice Resin, and I’ve got this little assembly line of stuff—earrings, pendants, Scrabble tiles, paper, to apply it to. Wish me luck!

(Oh, and sorry for the terrible photo quality…my camera is broken!)