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I’m really going to stretch the limits of my weight allowance. Goodness.

Sara Naumann blog packing art & soul portland

Materials for one of my classes, plus some Vendor Extravaganza stuff: Kits filled with heavy paper! (Too bad I don't teach classes involving something lighter-weight...)

This Saturday I’m off to the States, accompanied by 1) a teething baby; 2) a husband, and 3) about 7,000 pounds of stuff…and no, most of it is not Anna’s. It’s Art & Soul stuff: Collage packs for my booth at the Vendor Extravaganza, class kits, samples and supplies.

And I thought I was being really good about keeping things streamlined! My Lazertran class kept growing—which is great, but also means more class kits to assemble, and then I added more stuff to the Think Inside the Box class, and then I needed to pack more texturizing materials for the Found Poetry class and on and on…pound after pound.

(At this point you might—correctly—wonder why I didn’t just ship stuff ahead of time. The answer is that I did ship a lot of it. I sent a huge box of stuff to my parents’ in Eugene, and the package took ages to arrive…so long that I was getting really stressed, especially when the guy at the post office here said, “Oh, yeah, it can take up to six weeks since it goes by boat.” Boat?!?!?? It eventually arrived, but I’d rather not have that experience again.)

One discovery? Make-up bags are perfect for traveling with art supplies, especially things like alcohol inks and other inky lovelies that will not be so lovely if the cap comes off in your bag while being tossed about by baggage handlers. (As happened to me during one trip to Create & Craft, which is why the inside of my suitcase turned blue. Or should I say “Denim”?)

Sara Naumann blog travel Art & Soul Portland

Stamps, alcohol inks, chalks, etc...can I fit it all in?

Fingers crossed for an uneventful international flight with no lost luggage!