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Sara Naumann blog The New Label Project Amsterdam

I’m really excited to be a part of this upcoming venture! Drumroll, please….

The New Label Project is a new store opening here in Amsterdam on December 1. The concept is simple (and brilliant): Each designer has a white frame “cube” for displaying his or her work, and all the cubes will be stacked throughout the store. The result is a showcase of handcrafted items made by local (and a few out-of-town) artists.

I’ll have collage-style earrings, cocktail rings and (probably) handmade cards for sale in my cube; other designers will have handbags, accessories, small pieces of artwork and more. It’s going to be fabulous and I can’t wait to see it all come together!

Sara Naumann blog The New Label Project table display

Planning my display...coincidentally, my cube at The New Label Project is just about the size of my IKEA coffee table.

The cubes range in size from 50x50cm to 100x100cm. Mine is 50×50, and as I was playing with the potential display, I couldn’t help but feel as though I had already outgrown it! Coincidentally, my coffee table is basically the same size, so I turned it on its side and experimented with what I was going to display, and how.

Sara Naumann blog The New Label Project table display 2

Side angle of my cube display. Don't you love the puzzle-piece floor and playpen in the background? Such is my life.

I take in my items next week to get set up, and I can’t wait! This is one of those projects that I just adore, since it’s a great way to network and meet with other creative souls. And everyone I’ve met through the store (the owners and other artists and designers) are fantastic.

I found out about The New Label Project at the Sunday Market in September. Giulia, who heads up Style & Design for the store, came by my stand and we spoke briefly about selling my things there. I followed up with her that week and made the decision to try it out. It’s what’s called “via-via” around here, meaning that you connect with people via this person or that place.

So if you’re in Amsterdam around December 1st (or after!), please stop by The New Label Project. Super-easy to find, it’s Rozengracht 75, on the number 17 tram line from Centraal Station and just 100 meters from the Westerkerk and Anne Frank house.