Sara Naumann blog washi tape Crafts Beautiful magazine

This super-simple card features one of my latest obsessions: Washi tape. Otherwise known as Japanese masking tape, or tissue tape, it can be found at stamp stores, stationers and craft stores. It comes in lots of different widths and colors, and it has this super-cool translucency. Even the dark purple tape you see here does allow for some of the text to show through. (For that reason, it’s best to layer washi tape onto lighter backgrounds so the color and pattern can show.)

This card is a cinch to do and I think gives a minimalist feel without being too stark. I started with a book page, randomly applying a few strips of dark purple, lavender and green/gold striped washi tape vertically and horizontally. I left some gaps between the tapes so the text would show. Then I punched circles from this piece, turning the punch upside down so I could see which portion of the paper I was punching.

I used three different circle punches for this card: a 5/8”, 7/8” and 1 3/8”, then arranged 7 circles (uneven numbers as per the design elements) on a piece of white mulberry paper. I matted this on white cardstock and wrapped it with gold embroidery thread and secured it with a small piece of purple washi tape.

I love how quickly and easily this card came together—and how, with different colors of washi tape, you can create designs that are really subtle or really colorful. I was kind of on a roll doing the projects for my August column in Crafts Beautiful magazine. This magazine is in the UK, but those living in the States can find it at Barnes & Noble.

Enjoy and happy Wednesday!