I’m very excited to tell you that I’ll soon have a new column in the British craft magazine Crafts Beautiful. I’ve known the editor, Sarah, for many years, and it’s a delight to work with her again.

My first column starts in the August issue. The column is called (at least, right now) Spotlight on Mixed-Media, and the whole idea is to take some of the more mysterious elements out of mixed-media, and share them.

I’ve often heard papercrafters say they’re intrigued by mixed-media, but that they don’t really know what the phrase means…sometimes it’s even more confusing when it’s referred to as “mixed-media art”, which can imply that one needs to be an artist in order to do mixed-media. And that, of course, is not true!

Mixed-media is really just as simple as it sounds…a mixture of different types of media. So you might see a piece that combines paint with photographs, or ink with metal, or paper with fabric. Yep, that’s as simple as it can be!

A lot of the pressure can also come from seeing so much mixed-media on canvases. And while a canvas can be the perfect foundation, it’s not the only one. I really like to make mixed-media cards, so my Crafts Beautiful column will feature just that…mixed-media techniques on cards and tags! Some techniques will be simple and streamlined, like this washi tape tag (a warm-up project I made before starting the cards for the August column) or more painty/inky/mistake-y, like the projects I’m starting for the September column on stamping with bubble wrap.

Sara Naumann blog Crafts Beautiful Washi tape warm up

A quick washi tape warm-up project I made before getting into the projects for the column. Stamp by Hot Off The Press; washi tape from MT.

Hope to see you on the pages of CB!

Happy Thursday!

(I realize this is a late post, but I’ve only just started to recover from a lovely bout of strep throat. You know it’s bad when the doctor peers down your throat and says, “My God, that looks painful.”)