This week I am expanding my office.

I mean, I am taking over the house.

In my studio, I have two desks. They are covered with works-in-progress and packing materials for mailing projects to magazines.

The desk in the office nook is covered with my photo-taking set-up for Etsy jewelry.

And so the last place I can take over (before I start going into bedrooms and bathrooms and other places where a certain toddler likes to hang out) is the dining room table.

Sara Naumann blog dining room table online class

Paper, scissors, glue, coffee…all set for a creative work session!

I’m constantly submitting proposals for articles and magazine columns. Sometimes these proposals are accepted, and often they are not—due to a whole lot of reasons, many of which are outside my control. Yes, even if it’s a really really really good idea, it might not fit the magazine for a lot of different reasons. So when my last column idea was turned down, I thought—hmmmm, I think I will not submit it to another magazine, but offer it as an e-course next year on my site. And so the fun began…writing, art journaling, taking photos, formatting mini-articles.

Sara Naumann blog table online class

I *knew* those coffee cans would come in handy one day…pen holders!

At this stage, I’m planning that the class will be 6 lessons, each one incorporating art journaling and creativity-boosting exercises. So this week I’m following a piece of scheduling advice I heard on a podcast the other day and back-tracking to make sure I schedule deadlines for each of the parts (writing, photography, formatting PDFs, filming video) so I get it all done on time and as stress-free as possible. I cannot tell you how happy this project makes me!

Sara Naumann blog quote art journaling online class

A good reminder, for just about any big project!

Happy Monday!