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Galerie de Pieter

The Galerie de Pieter in Leiden is in the former post office.

From Saturday, June 25-Sunday, July 31, I’ll have a few pieces on exhibit at the Galerie de Pieter in Leiden. I was asked—along with lots of other artists—to contribute pieces to the Zomergasten (Summer Guests) exhibition because I had participated in a show at the gallery in the winter.

So on Sunday, I had to deliver my pieces to the gallery. Choosing them was harder than I expected; like most artists, I have “inventory”—pieces I’ve made, that I love, and that I feel good about, but which just haven’t sold. And like most artists, that’s a difficult thing to think about: The pieces I’ve made with care and passion that are sitting in my house instead of someone else’s.

Sara Naumann blog Zomergasten

On Saturday night, while the thunder rolled and lightning flashed and Miss Anna (mercifully) slept through each bang, I spread out my potential picks on the floor and determined which pieces to take. Ultimately, I chose four of the smallest pieces—the ones with altered photos. Together, they make a nice composition and show the photo technique pretty comprehensively.

And off they went! The show, Zomergasten, opens June 25 and closes July 31. If you’re in the Netherlands, please stop by. The Galerie de Pieter is huge and there’s always a lot of cool stuff on display. It’s in the former post office on Breestraat 46.