In my interview series on teachers in the creative industry, one thing became quite clear: Many, many of us who teach also take classes.

It’s a double- (maybe triple-) edged sword…We need to take classes for inspiration, to expand our knowledge and experience in our chosen mediums, and to explore new or complementary ones. Instructors too are on a path of learning, growth, change and evolution…in our work, our teaching, our knowledge and spirit.

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A little sunshine, a little shadow, and an unreadable sign. A pretty typical pathway, if you think about it.

I was also reminded, when I did these interviews, of the importance of the spirit of taking classes—the statement we make when we invest in ourselves.

Taking a workshop might seem expensive, or time-consuming, or even self-indulgent. I also struggle with these thoughts, and feel I need to justify the investment of time/money/energy. My Inner Critic says, “Shouldn’t you spend these things on Anna—not on yourself?”

And yet.

Yet the pull is inevitable: The curiosity of what I’ll discover, what I’ll try that I might not have tried before, who I’ll meet and what will grab my attention. You know, what I’ll learn.

Sara Naumann blog railroad path

Railroads = The best kind of journeys for me, always.

(And I’ll add here…what I learn isn’t always what’s being taught. And that’s so cool.)

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A path straight into the lake…something very “Once and Future King” about this one, I think!

So last week I decided to sign up for Kelly Rae Roberts‘ e-course, Flying Lessons. It’s for those of us hoping to stretch our creative businesses into new avenues. I’m at the point now in my business where I’ve got ideas and ideas and ideas and am losing focus—which means the ideas are bouncing all over like rubber balls, and I’m losing track of some of them. And Anna has a great babysitter, which gives me some more time to work. So I’m ready for the next steps in my creative business, but I need a little guidance. Hence, Kelly Rae’s class.

Sara Naumann blog flying lessons

The class started Sunday, and as usual for me, I was a little nervous, a little excited and very curious. (Just like first grade!) And yet, I felt strangely empowered even just pushing the “pay now” button when I signed up last week. Like making the commitment to this class was a really solid step forward for me on this crooked path of teaching and writing and designing and making things and somehow hoping that the whole puzzle will come together as a productive career. Step one. Now, for steps two and three. And onward.

Let’s see where the learning will lead.

Sara Naumann blog path and bench

A wooden bench in the countryside is always a good resting spot while path-walking.