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Where would I be without my paper trimmer?

Today I’m making invitations for the one-year anniversary of The New Label Project in Amsterdam. This is the shop where I sell my jewelry and cards—I also taught a workshop there this summer, and already have another planned for March. I love TNLP and I’m so happy that in this economy, a retail store based on creative endeavors has not only survived, but thrived.

Sara Naumann blog the new label project

My quickie mock-up invite…I start with a prototype and refine from there.

So here’s my desk today:

Sara Naumann blog What's on My Desk

Working assembly-line style.

When I have a lot of a single kind of thing to make, I work in assembly-line style…if I’m stamping directly onto the card front, I do that first since that’s the part that can ruin the card. (Who hasn’t decided to stamp something as the finishing touch, only to get a partially-stamped image, or a big blobby one?)

But how is it, as I look around my studio, that every possible surface is covered with something? I mean, two desks, a file cabinet, rolling carts…everything has a pile of paper, books, magazines or art supplies perched (sometimes precariously) on top. I barely have room for two elbows to lean on my desk as I type this. A clean-up session is definitely in order after this project!

Happy Monday!