Sara Naumann photo

The Monte Cassino is our local pedestrian street here in Sopot. It’s got cafes, restaurants, a few shops and…this guy. Stretched across a sidestreet off the main drag, you kind of have to be on the lookout for him—otherwise it’s easy to pass by. It’s about three minutes’ walk from this high-wire act to the beach where the fishermen are unloading their little fishing boats, so it’s appropriate that there’s a net bag of fish in the balance.

I love street art and how it makes art a part of the thread of every day life. You’re going about your business, shopping for toothpaste and stopping for croissants (as we were on the day I snapped this)—and then you see a dangling statue walking a tightrope across a side street. I love it. It makes art accessible.

Photo taken in Sopot, Poland.